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One of these years I’ll get around to finishing this website. But don’t hold your breath, because I’m usually too busy working for clients. Meanwhile, here’s some stuff I’ve been doing:

  • Working on standards and auditing the quality of care given to people with HIV and AIDS in the UK, mainly for the British HIV Association. This involves hacking around with data and being quite geeky, while simultaneously engaging closely with people living with HIV, clinicians and NHS commissioners and policy makers. Update: now also auditing STI management for the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV.
  • Supporting the plans and strategy for the UCL/Royal Free Institute of Immunity and Transplantation. Phase I of this has now been running a while and phase II is taking shape as part of the new Pears Building going up on the Royal Free site.
  • Providing and supporting online survey software for people doing questionnaire-based research — feel free to ask me for a demo.
  • Back in 2005 I was the UK rep of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, and its advocacy lead for the G8 and EU presidencies.
  • I’ve a fairly long track record in UK and international policy around HIV and AIDS. That’s to say, since the 1980s.
  • Once upon a time, I was an inorganic chemist. The title of my thesis was Synthesis, characterisation and reactivity of organometallic transition metal carbonyl clusters. Catchy, huh?
  • Oh, and I also do artists’ modelling. Mainly life and photographic.

I’m on ORCID, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Twitter, Farcebook and even Google+ (hellooooo, is there anyone out there?) But I don’t collect people so if we haven’t actually met, leave me out.

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