Artists’ model

I’m a highly experienced London-based artists’ model, available for life, portrait and photographic work. I don’t produce images myself, but there’s a collection of pics on Facebook (scroll down past the comments) and various people have tagged me here on Instagram.

I’m fund-raising for the MS Society UK and MS International Federation with the May 50K challenge – except that I’ve opted for 100K instead. Please support me by donating here.

“the most pragmatic person that I know” [work colleague’s description]

Health policy, HIV surveys and stuff

That’s it, done and dusted. I’m officially retired from this other stuff I used to do:

  • Working on standards and auditing quality of NHS care, mainly for the British HIV Association and British Association of Sexual Health and HIV.
  • Supporting the initial plans and strategy for the UCL/Royal Free Institute of Immunity and Transplantation, now fully come to fruition in the new Pears Building on the Royal Free site.
  • Providing and supporting online survey software for people doing questionnaire-based research.
  • Back in 2005 I was the UK rep of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, and its advocacy lead for the G8 and EU presidencies.
  • I’ve a fairly long track record in UK and international policy around HIV and AIDS. That’s to say, since the 1980s. I was executive director of the BMA Foundation for AIDS (later the Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health, then Medfash) up to the end of 1999.
  • In days of yore, I was an inorganic chemist. The title of my PhD thesis was Synthesis, characterisation and reactivity of organometallic transition metal carbonyl clusters. Catchy, huh?

I’m on ORCID, ResearchGate, Academia, LinkedIn, Mastodon and Farcebook. But I don’t collect people so if we haven’t actually met, leave me out.

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Artists' model, retired scientist